Party of 4: Fortunes Found in Dungeons Deep

Created by Colossal Ken

Party of 4: Fortunes Found in Dungeons Deep is a physical SOLO Hero-crafting, Dungeon-delving and Treasure-looting board game. Assemble a Party of wannabe Heroes, Train them to “not die too fast” and then Point them towards Fame and Fortune (or humiliating Defeat and Destitution)!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

LOST... IN... the mail (how boring and predictable)
3 days ago – Tue, Jan 31, 2023 at 05:26:47 PM

Update Summary:

  • Games Reported LOST IN THE MAIL Heading to you NOW!
  • WINNER of Worst National Postal Service in the World Announced!
  • PDF Version of Party of 4 INCOMING!!!

Games Reported LOST IN THE MAIL Heading to you NOW!

We have had a fair number of parcels NOT arrive in their intended mailboxes. While most of this can be attributed to postal workers knowing a FANTASTIC game when they see it (and, thus, borrowing it indefinitely!), it still stands that my beautiful Backers must still get the copy they deserve (and so that I can have praise heaped upon me in great measure!).

I JUST dropped off a bunch of parcels to replace any games that were lost in the mail. If I sent you a parcel, then you ALSO should have received a Kickstarter Message from me. 



you did NOT receive a Kickstarter Message from me TODAY...

then you are totally out of luck!


This just means that I did not know you were still lacking the AMAZING GOODNESS that is Party of 4

OR (the more likely scenario)...

You told me and I somehow forgot OR you emailed me and it somehow got lost amongst the THOUSANDS of spam emails I get per minute OR you told me and I purposely did NOT send it to you out of spite (it happens!). 

Whatever the reason, 

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR GAME AND I DID NOT MESSAGE YOU TODAY, please email me at or text me at +1 (714) 721-2464. I will send it out to you right away!

(and by "right away" he means sometime in the next 6-8 weeks)

WINNER of Worst National Postal Service in the World!!!

Germany's Deutsche Post has been knocked off the Top Spot for "Worst National Postal Service in the World!!!" It has NOW been replaced by the UKs truly awful Royal Post. The United States Postal Service took the #2 spot while Deutsche Post came in a disappointing Third Place. 

"I had high hopes for Deutsche Post," says Greatest Game Designer of All Time, Colossal Ken.  "After all, they were truly ABYSMAL during our Magicka Mayhem campaign."

Australia was dropped from the competition due to allegations of cheating after SEVERAL Party of 4 games ACTUALLY MADE IT TO AUSTRALIA BEFORE GAMES MAILED ON THE SAME DAY REACHED AMERICAN DESTINATIONS THAT WERE PRACTICALLY WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE!!! Inappropriate use of Magic is suspected. An investigation is ongoing.

Poland Post also gets an Award that is NEW for 2023: "Postal Service that Hates its People the MOST!"

While the pictures tell a good story, my reason for choosing Poland Post for this award was when the Backer said, "I can't play the game because it is too wet and sticky." A truly HERCULEAN effort by Poland Post. BRAVO! 

AND this is ON TOP of the fact that the game took TWO MONTHS to arrive!!!

Poland Post, I doth my hat to you, you great and awesome BEAST, you!

PDF Version of Party of 4 INCOMING!!!

I have had TONS of requests for a PDF version of the game (lots of whining about the text being WAY, WAY, WAY too small - too which I say, "You get what you pay for, bucko!"). 

I would very much like to do that. I just need to find the time. I am falling woefully behind on The Magnificent Emporium and Mistress Mandara is getting SUPER close to kicking my arse! ;-)

I also just got a SteamDeck, but I'm sure that has NOTHING to do with me having less free time. ;-)

That is all.


(P.S. Seriously. There is nothing else. )

(P.P.S. What?!? You don't believe me?)

(P.P.P.S. Okay. This is getting ridiculous. Done. End of story. Seriously. Don't end up like Ken. Go DO something MEANINGFUL with your life... or, at the very least, something NOT ridiculously stupid.)

Hidden Thank You Message REVEALED!!!
28 days ago – Fri, Jan 06, 2023 at 07:38:23 PM

Update Summary:

  • 1) Hidden Thank You Message REVEALED!!!
  • 3) Fulfilling Fulfillment
  • 4) Getting Back on the Comment Train!

1) Hidden Thank You Message REVEALED!!!

THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to send me a pic of your Hidden Message Tapestry Card!

(and a hex upon all those that did NOT!)

Colossal, that's rude! It's not easy to take out a card, photograph it and then send it to me.

(especially when the envelope housing your wretched game was trampled upon, lit on fire and unceremoniously tossed into the rubbish bin the moment it was received!)

You have a point, but I prefer "not easy". You didn't really have to elaborate, did you?

(Yes. I did.)

Of course, if you still want to send me your Hidden Message Tapestry Card, I will add and send out an updated version at a later date! You can email a picture of the front (the pretty part) with the number on the back to or via text to +1 (714) 721-2464.

It may not sound like it, but Colossal and I are BOTH deeply moved by your incredible contribution to making this game happen. 

(speak for yourself)

I hope the Hidden Message Thank You speaks for itself!!!

Without further adieu...

I think the Hidden Message says it all! Seriously, that's it. There isn't any more. Why are you still here? I'll let you know when I want your money again. ;-)
This version makes it a LITTLE easier to find YOUR card. 33 Columns x 33 Rows. Top left is #1. Bottom left is #33. Bottom right is 1,089 (yes, I KNOW that 1,086 is NOT 1,089!). Top right is 1,057 (maybe?).


Several things during the Party of 4 campaign turned out GREAT (when I thought they would flop HARD!), a few things stumbled (that shouldn't have) and there were even a few...


(I think you FINALLY found the title for your memoir!)

Dear, gods! I hope he's not right!

After every challenging project, I like to perform a "postmortem". Basically, this is an analysis of what went well, what went poorly and ideas for making future campaigns AND future games more funner!

NORMALLY, this is a fairly informal process where I sit quietly in a dark, dank place and jot notes down into a notebook while I sob and drink to excess. THIS TIME, THOUGH, I was thinking...

(Great. Here we go again!)

That it might be fun to share my postmortem results with y'all. 

Basically, if you have ANY interest in Designing Your Own Games or Launching Your Own Kickstarter some day or just enjoy the sausage-making of "How Gamemaking Stuff Works", please COMMENT BELOW.

If I receive enough interest, I will see about putting something together that would be both inciteful and entertaining. :) I'm thinking a series of short videos breaking down several aspects of the process. All I ask is that you don't make TOO MUCH fun of my dunderhead mistakes!

(Hahahaha! That's the ONLY thing they're interested in!!!)

I imagine that there MAY even be an opportunity for you to offer up some feedback, as well (since, TECHNICALLY, I'm supposed to be interested in your opinion or whatever).

3) Fulfilling Fulfillment

ALL game were dropped into the postal receptacle EONS ago. HOWEVER, I am still receiving a smattering of reports (often in the forms of HIGH PRAISE and CEASELESS ADORATION!) of game JUST NOW ARRIVING in mailboxes. The ones that seem to still be trickling in at this late date are the United Kingdom and Germany.

Colossal Ken denies any involvement in the extreme animus that the British Mail Carriers have towards Party of 4 (as it relates to SLOW delivery from the recent strike and some TRULY EPIC damage to a few packages! Yikes! SOMEBODY has it out for us!). 

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR GAME by about January 15th or so, feel free to Message, Email ( or Text me (+1 (714) 721-2464) so I can send you out another copy. The global estimate for lost mail is something like 2-3% and the cost of Postal Tracking for ALL games is more expensive than simply replacing the 2-3% lost in transit. 

(you're welcome)

4) Getting Back on the Comment Train!

The Hidden Message Thank You Tapestry ate up a TON of my time! As such, I have been terribly remise in responding to other Messages and Comments. I will endeavor to get back on that! Seems to be mostly questions about Rules and gameplay and such. I have NO idea why people think that *I* would know anything about such things. Geesh!

Thanks again! I look forward to taking your money... err, I mean... crafting another truly magnificent game for you again in the near future! ;-)

"I love it when a plan comes together." (AKA Hidden Message Tapestry Reveal #1)
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 22, 2022 at 07:00:40 PM

Hidden Message Tapestry Reveal #1

NOTE: If you HAVE your Tapestry Piece AND you have NOT sent it to me yet then, 1) SHAME ON YOU!, and 2) Please send me a picture of the pretty part of the card AND also include the handwritten number on the back. You can text me at +1 (714) 721-2464 or email me at

I have received a BUNCH of Hidden Message Tapestry Images!


(he's mostly happy because it makes it look like he has actual friends that like to email and text him...)

I have NOT received ENOUGH Hidden Message Tapestry Images to ACTUALLY REVEAL the Message!


I am just now getting reports of games arriving on distant shores (did any of you know that Australia was an actual place? I thought it was a joke address like Atlantis or the Dark Side of the Moon or... Canada!).

Learn something new every day...

(Yeah, like the fact that the minions are REALLY bad at taking pictures...)

Hey! Be nice, Colossal! 

As such, I am expecting to see more Hidden Message pieces filtering in. There is also a distinct possibility that some games will be holiday gifts (POOR SAPS!!!). In which case, we may not see those pieces until the end of this year or early next year. Still other games may have been immediately discarded as hazardous waste (probably smart).

Hopefully, we will have enough to REVEAL THE HIDDEN MESSAGE!

(Hey. If we don't get enough images to reveal the message then there will be a lot of sad and disappointed people... which can also be fun... FOR ME!)

Drum roll please...

Wouldn't it be funny if it ended up being completely indecipherable gibberish?!?

P.S. If you want to find your card, the grid is 33 x 33. It counts from the TOP of Row 1 DOWN before moving to ROW 2. I will likely create a number overlay to more clearly show this when we have more pieces collected. Example: Top Left is #1. Bottom Right is 1,089 (3 more than I actually need!). Top of Row 2 is 34. Top of Row 3 is 67. Top of Row 4 is 100. Etc. Etc. Etc. And, yes, this isn't PERFECT. Some of the cards got discombobulated when I was signing them so they are a tad bit out of order. Get over it! :)

Party of 4 has Left the Building!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Dec 06, 2022 at 09:57:00 PM

Hey, Part (of 4) People!

Summary of Update:

  • All Games Have Been MAILED!
  • Keep the Tapestry Pieces Coming!
  • Don't Forget to Download the Adventurer's Manual

All Games Have Been MAILED!

The day you have all been waiting for!

(more like dreading!)

Party of 4: Fortunes Found in Dungeons Deep has been remanded to the good graces of United States Postal Service. Your game is now speeding its way towards you and is being handled with the utmost care. 

(By "speeding" he means "slogging". And by "being handled with the utmost care" he means "being thrashed mercilessly in transit" which is probably better than it deserves.)

Though I cannot pass up a perfect opportunity to take a swipe at ANY Earth-based postal service, I must ALSO say that they - so far - have done a stellar job!

I even have some WONDERFUL examples provided to us by our very own Paul:

The U.S. Postal Service is BRILLIANT! I NEVER even thought of making a compact, portable version of the game. I'm totally stealin' that idea!
While I will NEVER tell them so, the interns did a FANTASTIC job keeping Paul's game safe from the rigors of transport!
I don't know HOW they do it, BUT I think this game looks BETTER than when I dropped it in the receptacle! A sight to behold. I wish I could see Paul's smiling, happy face!

All insults aside, I am very thankful to ALL the Postal Workers that made this game possible. In fact, I dropped this sign off along with the last batch games:

Until you humans figure out something better, I will need to rely on the hard work and dedication of Earth globe's postal adventurers!

(you're such a sap)

I'm not exactly sure what the result of my Thank You letter will be. It might be that they feel appreciated for a time. Maybe they will take pity on me and overlook any future postage mistakes. OR maybe they will find me faster so they can lock me up for the rest of my life for ROUNDING DOWN on one or two postage calculations. We'll see. 

Keep the Tapestry Pieces Coming!

We have received TONS of pictures of the Tapestry Pieces! Keep 'em coming! I will add them in increments over the next couple weeks (some of the packages will take a few weeks to reach some of the more remote, less-civilized and backward regions of the world... like the United Kingdom). 

Hey, I don't make the rules!

The instructions are RIGHT ON THE CARD so I won't bore you by repeating them here. 

Don't Forget the Download the Adventurer's Manual

Unless you to immediately discard this game, 'gift' it to your mortal enemy or only use the chits to fix wobbly furniture, you will need to the Adventurer's Manual. 

Here they are:

Full Color Version:

Low(ish) Ink Version for Printing:

Some highlights from the Adventurer's Manual:

If anyone knows how to get those annoying light-ish horizontal lines out, I would love to know (the manual was created in Word).
I think this pretty much sums up our time together thus far! Thanks for the FUN ride! You ONLY have 99 more years left on your adoration obligation. ;-) I really do wish humans lived longer. I do ALL this work to get you to love and adore me and then you expire after just a few decades - leaving ME to find new replacements. Sometimes it sucks to be me. :(
FINE! I'll try to end this Update on something NICE. Happy now?

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot. What do you do? What... do... YOU... do?!?
3 months ago – Thu, Nov 17, 2022 at 10:23:12 PM

(bonus points for Pop Culture reference - NO cheating!)

Update Summary:

  • Shipping Update (Hint: SOON!)
  • Game Creation Conundrums: What do YOU do?!?
  • Colossal Ken Interviews Keanu Reeves

Shipping Update (Hint: SOON!)

Sorry for the Update Delay. Colossal Ken (the OTHER Colossal Ken - not THIS Colossal Ken) thought it would be HILARIOUS to kidnap me and exile me to a distant Plane of Existence.

(I did. And it was.)

I'm kinda glad, though, 'cause that is where I ran into Keanu.

(no you didn't)

He was boning up on his Non-Linear Geometry for an upcoming movie... and working on his tan. 

Anyway, all the Chits have arrived. They have been reconfigured to my liking (see Game Creation Conundrums below for all the gory details). The only task left if stuffing the stuff into the stuff holders and slapping a mailing label on them.

Okay, ACTUALLY, there is ONE MORE SUPER Secret Project step involved in the shipping process. There are LITERALLY only TWO people in the whole of the multi-verse that are privy to this little gem - me and the Backer that originally suggested it, Beard-Marine.

(THREE, Dummy! Don't forget about me!)

How could I? Fine, three people know about the secret project. 

(I MAY have mentioned it to Mistress Mandara...)

Good grief! Why?!?

(it was the perfect example of how completely idiotic you are - she agreed)

That's fair. FOUR, there are ONLY four people in all of existence that know about the SUPER Secret Project.  And Beard-Marine shares in SOME of the idiocy.

(I think you are building it up too much - it's not THAT cool)

I plan to return from my Extraplanar exile around Thanksgiving (that's November 24th for those of you non-Colonizers out there). I will then have three whole days to stuff about 12,400 individual components into 1,086 envelopes and THEN affix 1,086 labels AND 1,086 sticky postage sticker stamp things. 

Luckily, my MULTITUDE of personalities should make the work go a lot faster.

(no it won't)

Oh, you want an actual date? Fine. How does Tuesday, November 29th sound? I SHOULD be able to start dropping your crap into the postage hole around then. Happy? 


Game Creation Conundrums: What do YOU do?!?

Okay, I have a Game Creation Conundrum for you Wannabe Game Designers out there.

What do YOU do?

Okay, HYPOTHETICALLY, let's say you were in the process of manufacturing your really awesome game.

(yes, I know that is impossible because only *I* can make really awesome games - just go with it)

And, HYPOTHETICALLY, you needed Chits for your game.

And, HYPOTHETICALLY, you had a CHOICE when it comes to manufacturing the Chits:

1) Have them perfectly assembled at the printer 100% ready to be added to your game for a set cost (HYPOTHETICALLY, let's call this cost $2,976.44), OR

2) Have the Chits assembled as a gigantic sea of Chits spread across hundreds of sheets of Chit boards in no discernable organization or sense. Total and complete MAYHEM requiring hours of work to pop out about 19,548 Chits (HYPOTHETICALLY!) and reconfigure them into workable sets of Chits for 1,086 games (HYPOTHETICALLY!), BUT having it cost HALF as much (HYPOTHETICALLY, let's say this method only costs $1,488.22).

WHAT... DO... YOU... DO?!?

Personally, only a TOTAL MORON would go with #2 to save a couple bucks.


Shut it.

Colossal Ken Interviews Keanu Reeves

Colossal Ken: Today, I am speaking with Keanu Reeves.

(no you're not)

Colossal Ken: Shut it! Yes, I am.

(I don't see him anywhere. This is a FAKE interview!)

Colossal Ken: YOU're FAKE!

(NOT COOL, Dummy. Mental illness is REAL.)

Colossal Ken: Sorry about that, K-dog. Do you mind if I call you K-dog?

Keanu: Actually...

Colossal Ken: K-dog, you and I have a lot in common. You are widely regarded as the greatest actor that has ever graced this Plane of Existence. Likewise, I am widely regarded as the greatest game designer that has ever lived.

Keanu: I didn't know that.

Colossal Ken: It's true. Quite a few people enjoy your work.

Keanu: Oh, I know that. I meant that I didn't know you...

Colossal Ken: Another fun fact - we are BOTH Demi-gods AND we both cut our teeth in the same Demi-god internship - "Brainwashing Humanoids" wasn't it?

Keanu: Yeah! Totally epic! That was - what? Like 6? Maybe 7 eons ago?

Colossal Ken: You're right! Hey, you're not as dumb as you look!

Keanu: Thanks! You, too!

Colossal Ken: Wow. That place was a real hell hole. For the life of me I can't remember the name...

Keanu: Dude! How could you forget?!? Our internship was at Disneyland!

Colossal Ken: Wow! You're right! Woof. That place blew, BUT we sure did learn a lot. Look at us now!

Keanu: Righteous! I just wanted to thank you, C.K. If it weren't for you hooking me up with that internship, I never would have found these Earthling human peeps. They are the best! I can LITERALLY say ANYTHING into the camera and they will throw tons of money at me. Like "I know Kung Fu" or "Excellent!" or "Preheat the oven to 375 degrees." It's bitchin'!

Colossal Ken: I totally know the feeling! My Backers CANNOT get enough of me. AND they all gave me $5 for a $1 game... that doesn't even come in a BOX!!!

Keanu: Hahahahahahaha!

Colossal Ken: Hahahahahahaha!

(I wish this would end soon...)

Keanu: Did you hear something?

Colossal Ken: Don't worry about. It was nothing. Stay excellent, Keanu!

Keanu: Right back at 'ya, Colossal!

P.S. Any Backer that suggests "shooting me in the leg" after this Update... will get a virtual High-five. ;-)